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TSO provides media streaming services for CoC events.

How to Run an Event


Fixing Problems with Video and Audio

Repairing broken video files:

Our Mobile A/V Cart Configuration

We have several mobile A/V carts w/hardware and software (see below) capable of streaming live Flash video to the GT Wowza server. Our last cart acquisition (the KACB cart) was in August 2009. A couple of groups on campus have cloned our configuration and are using it successfully in their own environments. Please let us if you have any suggestions for improvements.

A/V Carts Like Ours Around Campus

A New Cart with All New Equipment
Cost Item Description
$150 Bretford BPDUO - 26 - 42" Adjustable Height UL Listed Plastic Duo Utility Cart
A cheap plastic cart for the gear, but good enough
$2,000 Sony HDR-FX7 High-Def Camcorder
Decent Prosumer HDV Camcorder
$65 Sony VCT-60AV Tripod with Remote Control Lanc/Acc Terminal
For smooth camera work.
$450 Shure PGX14/85 Lavalier Wireless Mic System
Simple wireless mic for the talent to wear
$800 Epiphan VGA2USB LR Frame Grabber
Gizmo to capture the slides from the VGA signal
$40 Sennheiser HD 218 Stereo Headphone
For monitoring sound quality during webcasts
Telestream Wirecast v4 w/10% EDU discount
Telestream Wirecast Pro v4 w/10% EDU discount
The live video webcast/capture software, runs on Windows too. The PRO version gives you audio sync delay feature.
$90 Telestream HDV Pack w10% EDU discount
Allows webcast/capture in HD quality, better ppt slide res e.g.
$1,600 Apple MacBook Pro (13", Core i7, 4GB RAM, 750GB disk, 3yr warranty)
The i7 can do 30 fps for HD.
$30 Apple QuickTime Pro
Allows exporting video files to different formats
$65 Logitech Wireless Presentation Mouse & Laser
Because the talent will ask to borrow one.
$160 Behringer Xenyx 1204USB Mixer
A nice mixer with Aux Send broken out.
$6 1/8 in. Stereo to 1/4 in. Mono Cable
Connects Sony HDV camera audio to Shure mic receiver
$30 Firewire 800 to 4-pin 400 cable
Connects Sony HDV 4-pin FW400 to Apple MacBook FW800 port
$65 VGA 15-pin (HD15) Male to Female Cable - 50'
Connects projector out signal to Epiphan VGA2USB
$6,451 Total.

Additional items you may need:

  • 15' VGA male to male cable (if you are use the monitor-out signal on Extron wall plates which are standard at GT)
  • Box of adapters and cables for doing magic tricks
  • Long XLR cables
  • Cart-top audio mixer for multiple wireless mic systems, plus long XLR cable