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0-1 GamesA proof of the min-max theoremAdam Tauman Kalai
Adam Tauman Kalai/Adam Tauman Kalai CVAdversarial routing game
AuctionsBargainingBounded rationality
CS 8803FC - Foundations of Cryptography. Spring 2008CS 8803TFC - Theoretical Foundations of Cryptography, Spring 2010CS 8803TFC - Theoretical Foundations of Cryptography, Spring 2011
CS 8803 - Game Theory and Computer Science. Spring 2008Chernoff/Hoeffding boundsCoalitional Form
Common KnowledgeComputing correlated equilibrium
Convex-concave gamesCorrelated Equilibrium
Cryptography Group at Georgia TechCryptography reading group
Domestic foreign production exampleEpsilon-equilibriaEvolutationarily stable strategy
Evolutationarily stable strategy and Correlated EquilibriumEvolutionarily Stable Strategy (ESS)Extensive-form games
FC08 Assignment 1FC08 Assignment 2FC08 Assignment 3
FC08 Assignment 5Folk theoremFurther notation
GTCS Assignment 1GTCS Assignment 2GTCS Assignment 3
GTCS Assignment 4GTCS FINAL AssignmentGTCS Lecture 1/10/08
GTCS Lecture 1/15/08GTCS Lecture 1/17/08GTCS Lecture 1/22/08
GTCS Lecture 1/8/08GTCS Lecture 2/26/08Hardness of finding NE
Incomplete informationIterated elimination of dominated strategiesKalaiSastry08
Large GamesMain PageMarket Equilibrium
Match penniesMidtermMin-max theorem
Mixed-strategy normal-form gameMulti-armed banditsNash equilibria in perturbed games
Nash equilibriumNetwork formation gameNormal-form game
Persistent Nash equilibriumPrice of anarchyPrice of stability
Price of stability and the Network formation gameProof of the weighted majority theoremRational learning
Repeated gamesRepeated n-decision gameStable Nash equilibrium
Strict Nash equilibriumStructured decision-making algorithmSubgame-perfect equilibrium
Summary: the complexity of solving/playing normal-form zero-sum gamesSwap regretThe Core
The Shapley ValueTrembling-hand perfect equilibriumUniqueness
Uniqueness of the Shapley ValueUtility theoryWeighted-majority algorithm
Weighted majorityWeighted majority algorithm and the min-max theoremWeighted majority theorem
Yael Tauman KalaiYael Tauman Kalai/Zero-sum game
Zero-sum games