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About Us

We seek to develop a scientific understanding of, and mathematically sound solutions to, cryptographic problems of both practical and theoretical interest. Our group has expertise in many aspects of modern cryptography and is an active part of the international research community, regularly publishing in top venues. We also enjoy collaboration on cross-disciplinary problems with the world-class researchers of Georgia Tech's Theory Group, Information Security Center, and Network Operations and Internet Security Lab, among others.




  • David Cash (graduated Fall 2009; now post-doc at UCSD)

Recent Research Topics

Lattice-based cryptography

Instantiating random oracles

Selected Publications

To be filled in later.


These courses have some overlap in the core concepts, but are taught from different perspectives, and the specific material covered in each is quite different. Students are encouraged to take both courses, in either order.

Reading group

Our reading group meets regularly for lunch to discuss recent developments in the field. See the link for the current schedule. Everyone is welcome. This is a great way to get involved!

Applications for Admission

If you are not yet a student at Georgia Tech and wish to join our group, please note that applications are processed through the standard channels. You should indicate your interest in cryptography and the specific faculty members you are interested in working with on your application. Also note that Georgia Tech offers a unique Alogrithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization (ACO) program, which provides excellent background for research in cryptography.