CS 8803 - Game Theory and Computer Science. Spring 2008

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John von Neumann and the ENIAC


Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:35-10:55am

Location: College of Computing, room 53

Instructor: Adam Tauman Kalai

Grading: 50% Homework (Students may work alone or in groups of size at most 3. In either case, each student must submit his or her own work. In the case of a group, please write the names of the collaborators on the assignment.) , 30% Final, 20% Midterm. The final and midterm should be done independently. See the Georgia Tech honor code.

References: Some of the material for the class will be taken from the following books, but they are not required.

Adam's Office hours: Thursday after class. Just meet me in the lecture room, and we can talk there.

  • TA: Atish Das Sarma, [Email: atish@cc.gatech.edu].
    • TA office hours: Thursday 3pm-4pm, Room 2124 KACB

Lecture notes



John Nash
Lloyd Shapley
  • Efficiency
    • Price of Anarchy
  • Cooperative game theory
    • Bargaining
      • Nash, Kalai-Smorodinsky, and Egalitarian solutions
    • Shapley value
    • Core
  • Bounded rationality
  • Cryptography and game theory


Funding is partly provided by NSF award SES-0734780.