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Important Information

To obtain an account to edit this Wiki, please email lofstead -at- cc and indicate which email address and user name you prefer.

Administrative Page - various forms that you often use

Student list - please sign up with your name, email, and room number

Systems mailing lists - mailing lists for events and announcements

Systems Group main web page

College of Computing

Georgia Tech

CERCS Seminar Information




Data sets and codes available in the Systems lab

Creating Graphs Using Visio - and use them with Latex

Printing and Copying (including fax machines)

(KACB 3219) Reserve a room for an interview or some quiet time

(KACB 3403) CERCS Visitor Office

(KACB 3335) CERCS Meeting Room

Using Microsoft office from your Linux desktop

Using the poster printer in 1201

CoC Intranet

Getting a CVS password for the chaos group

Chaos Group CVS Contents

Lab Phone Number (south end, both ports): 404-385-1406

Lab Information

KACB Quick Reference Guide

Room Reservation Information

3201 Information


3201 Movie Night

2007 Fall Organizational Meeting Notes

Lunchtime Reading Group

2010 PhD Recruiting Posters

2012 IAB Exascale Poster Session

2013 IAB Poster Session

Systems benchmarks

Getting started

General Help

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