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What is the Salud! API?

The Salud! API lets you create and edit data on the Salud! platform using XML and web services. Here are some ways that the Salud! API can be used:

  • Automatically populating data into Logbooks (e.g. outdoor air quality, stock prices, or Twitter posts).
  • Providing new ways for Salud! users to manually enter data into their Logbooks, such as via text messaging, email, or an iPhone application.
  • Creating novel visualizations for specific Logbooks in a user's account.

Development Guides

  1. Making Calls to the Salud! API
  2. Introduction to Logbooks and Entries

Sample Code for Common Tasks

Getting a user-level authentication token

Making a call to a Salud! API function

Getting a list of all of the user's Logbooks

API Reference

Data Management API

User Management API