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Organizing Committee

Jacky Baltes (Local Chair) <jacky _AT_>
N. Michael Mayer, <norbert _AT_>
Sven Behnke, <behnke _AT_>
Manfred Hild, <hild _AT_>

Technical Committee

Changjiu Zhou <zhoucj>
N. Michael Mayer <norbert _AT_>
Jacky Baltes <jacky _AT_>
Emanuele Menegatti <emg _AT_>
Oskar von Stryk <stryk _AT_>
Li Liu <liuli _AT_>

Mailing List

The rule discussion about rules for RoboCup 2007 will be conducted mainly on the mailing list robocup-humanoid at For more information or to subscribe to the mailing list, please visit the RoboCup Humanoid League Mailing List.


A current draft of the rules for RoboCup 2007 can be found at [1].

Qualified Teams

Qualification has been closed. A list of qualified teams can be found here.

What to Expect in Atlanta

This section should include information about what the participants should expect at the event. In particular, items like what kind of machines will be availalbe, which OSs, etc.

League Requirements

The organization committee for the RoboCup Humanoid League currently expects 20-24 kidsize and 12 teen sized teams. Therefore, we require the following infrastructure: More details about fields, colours, etc. can be found in the official RoboCup rules 2007 available at

Playing fields
4 * Kid-sized playing field, 8.5m * 7m including 1m border
2 * Teen-sized playing field, 10m * 8m including 1m border
4 * Pairs of goals kid-sized (one goal blue, one goal yellow)
2 * Pairs of goals teen-sized (one goal blue, one goal yellow)
Corner poles
6 * Sets of corner poles (each set consists of two yellow-blue-yellow and two blue-yellow-blue poles)
Poles for dribble challenge
2 * poles, diameter=20cm, height=90cm, colour = cyan
1 * pole, diameter=20cm, height=90cm, colour = magenta
Poles for obstacle avoidance challenge
6 * poles, diameter=20cm, height=90cm, colour = black
10 * kid-sized ball (orange plastic ball as used by the 4legged league, diameter 8.4cm, weight 26g)
5 * teen-sized ball (orange beach handball, size 2, diameter 18cm, weight 294g,
Minimal lighting is 900 Lux across the whole playing field. Playing field must be shielded from daylight. Light is white, diffuse, and constant.
Team area
38 * team islands (4 normal sized tables + 8 chairs)
Computing Services
38 * Internet connection for each team table
1 * Windows PC including monitor for organizing committee
1 * Printer connected to the Windows PC for organizing committee
2 * 802.11g/b access points for kid-sized league, each access point should cover two kid-sized playing fields
2 * 802.11g/b access points for teen-sized league. each access point should cover one teen sized field
Lockable storage
approximately 10 m^2
6 * whistle, clocks, score boards
Meeting Room
The league also requires access to a meeting room for rule discussions etc.

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