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Organizing Committee

Local Chairs:

  • Charles Isbell <isbell AT>
  • Cedric Stallworth <cedric AT>

International Chair

  • Elizabeth Sklar <sklar AT>

Local Committee

The Local Co-chairs for each league will be in charge of scheduling matches and interviews, and for devising the superteams plan.

  • Local Co-chair for Dance: Amy Eguchi <ami_eguchi AT>
  • Local Co-chair for Soccer: Sumon Azhar <mqazhar AT>
  • Local Co-chair for Rescue: Bill Freitas <bfreitas AT>

Local Chairs

  • Registration: Debra Slocum <slocum_da AT>
  • Media: (tba)
  • Education: Barbara Ericson <ericson AT>
  • Tourist info: Giselle Martin <gmartin AT>
  • Arrangements: Vivian Chandler <chandler AT>
  • Accommodation: Vivian Chandler <chandler AT>
  • Social Events: Giselle Martin <gmartin AT>
  • Volunteers: Cedric (referees, judges, helpers)
  • Tech Support: (Tucker has someone)
  • Data: Charles (results and surveys)
  • Translators: (someone from Tucker) (translators for Chinese, Spanish, etc)
  • Facilities: (someone from Tucker)

Technical Committees

Dance Tech Committee

  • Ian Maud (chair) <icmaud AT>
  • Amy Eguchi <amy_eguchi AT>
  • Eli Kolberg <elik3 AT>
  • Jeff Johnson <j.h.johnson AT>
  • Nicola Hughes < AT>
  • Eduardo Pinto <eduardo.mpinto AT>

Rescue Tech Committee

  • Ashley Green (chair) <aagreen AT>
  • Carlos Cardeira <carlos.cardeira AT>
  • Miro Kohut <kohut AT>
  • Maverick Luk <maverick AT>
  • Ehsan Hashemi <ehsan_hashemi AT>

Soccer Tech Committee

  • Leonard Vong (chair) <robocup_junior AT>
  • Brian Thomas <thomas.brian.d AT>
  • Johannes Klotz <johannes.klotz AT>
  • Saeed Atef Saeed <saeed AT>
  • Tairo Nomura <tairo_nomura AT>

Demos Committee

  • Luis Almeida <lda AT>


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