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Executive Committee

Thomas Wisspeinter, thomas.wisspeintner at
Tijn van der Zant, tijn at

Technical Committee

Peter Ford Dominey, Peter.Ford.Dominey at
Luca Iocchi, Luca.Iocchi at
Stefan Schiffer, schiffer at

Organizing Committee

Paul Rybski, prybski at
Jesus Savage, savage at
Jean-Daniel Dessimoz, Jean-Daniel.Dessimoz at

The RoboCup@Home Official Web Page

The official web page that will also contain all of the rules and listing of registered teams is here:


The current rules can be found here:

Qualification Procedures and Dates

Here are the qualification procedures for the RoboCup@Home League for RoboCup 2007. The organizing committee will collect the qualification materials and the technical committee will report the qualified teams by March 10th, 2007.

All qualification materials must be finalized and submitted by March 1st 2007 to be considered.

Every team that wants to participate has to complete the following items:

  • The team must have completed the preregistration procedure.
  • The team must have a web site devoted to their effort.
  • The team must submit a Team Description Paper (TDP).
  • The team must submit a Team Video.

Qualification materials will be judged by the following criterion:

  • Performance in previous competitions
  • Team description paper
  • Video
  • Website
  • Relevant Scientific contribution/publications
  • Novelty of approach
  • Contribution to RoboCup@Home League (e.g Proposal of tests,organization of events, exchange of results inside the league)

The contents of the web page are as follows:

  • Photos of the robot(s)
  • Videos of the robot(s)
  • Description of the approaches and information on scientific achievements
  • Relevant publications
  • Team members
  • Previous participation in RoboCup

The contents of the Team Description Paper (TDP) should be as follows:

  • Name of the team
  • Contact information
  • Website
  • Team members
  • Description of the hardware and software including a list of integrated externally available components (including commercial products, freeware, Open Source, etc.)

Preferably, it should also contain the following:

  • Innovative technology (if any)
  • Photo(s) of the robot
  • Focus of research/research interests
  • Re-usability of the system for other research groups
  • Applicability of the robot in the real world

The team description paper goes into detail about the technical and scientific approach, but the website should be designed for a broader audience.

Submission instructions for the TDP are as follows:

  • The length of the TDP is limited to 6 pages.
  • Please use the same Springer LNAI format as the symposium submissions (see RoboCup Symposium instructions:
  • Papers should be sent as a zipped PDF file (ONLY pdf will be accepted) via e-mail to the organizing committee (OC):
  • The e-mail subject should be: 2007 TDP (YourTeamName).

Submission instructions for the video are as follows:

  • Post the video to your web site. DO NOT EMAIL THE VIDEO TO THE OC.

Please note:

  • All communication with the teams will be done by email. Please pay close attention to these emails and answer the OC's questions. A team that does not reply risks losing its qualified place. Blanket announcements and requests for information will go out to the RoboCup@Home mailing list. Team-specific correspondence (while rare) will go to the person listed as the contact for that team in the intention to participate.

Thank you,

The RoboCup@Home Organizing Committee

What to Expect in Atlanta

  • When you arrive in Atlanta, please find one of the technical/organizing committee members and let them know you are here. This is very important for us as we're trying to put together the schedule of events.
  • All teams must provide their own power transformers if they need something besides 110V 60Hz (North American power). Voltage converters are available here:

and must be shipped to you at RoboCup. Shipping takes two days from the supplier. Use the following address:

Your Name / RoboCup 07 XXXXXX League
College of Computing
888 Hemphill Avenue NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

  • At 3:00pm on Friday, July 6, the main arena in the CRC will be reconfigured for the finals. This means that we will have to move some team's tables into the @home/rescue room while others will where they are. We will be coordinating this through the week. Please note that power to the team tables may be disrupted during this time.

League Requirements

  • A 802.11b router
  • An overhead projector that for displaying the contents of laptop screens
  • A projection screen
  • Sound system with at least two wireless microphones: one for the announcers and one for the robots that use speech synthesis
  • Power outlets in the arena
  • Transformers for international power requirements
  • Game clock

Qualified Teams


Schedule is now found here: RoboCup@Home schedule


Scores are now found here: RoboCup@Home results page

This page is owned by Paul Rybski.

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