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Middle size league website

Please refer to the following website for introduction to the league, technical committee, rules, etc. http://www.er.ams.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/robocup-mid/

Minutes of the Team Leader Meetings

Minutes of the Team Leader Meeting held on July 1, 2007 in the pdf file linked here.
Minutes of the Team Leader Meeting held on July 2, 2007 in the pdf file linked here.
Minutes of the Team Leader Meeting held on July 3, 2007 in the pdf file linked here.
Minutes of the Team Leader Meeting held on July 4, 2007 in the pdf file linked here.
Minutes of the Team Leader Meeting held on July 5, 2007 in the pdf file linked here and the pdf of the short presentation given by A. Bonarini in the pdf file linked here.
Minutes of the Team Leader Meeting held on July 6, 2007 in the pdf file linked here.

Organizing Committee

  • Domenico G. Sorrenti, Univ. of Milano - Bicocca, Milano, Italy, sorrenti - at - disco.unimib.it
  • Asad Norouzi, Azad University of Qazvin, Iran, assadn - at - yahoo.com
  • Gerald Steinbauer, Graz University of Technology, Austria, steinbauer - at - ist.tugraz.at
  • Yasutake Takahashi, Osaka University, Japan, yasutake - at - ams.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp

Persons In Charge

  • Andrea Bonarini is in charge of WIFI issues
  • Domenico G.Sorrenti is in charge of editing the wiki page and will also provide balls for Technical Challenge 4
  • LOC is in charge of providing goal covers for Technical Challenge 5
  • Fernando Ribeiro is in charge of training the referees
  • Asad Norouzi is in charge of collecting preferences for the first Technical Challenge

Game Schedule

  • First technical challenge (Challenge 4 or 5): Tuesday morning
  • Second technical challenge (Challenge 6): Tuesday afternoon
  • First round robin (2x6 teams): Wednesday and Thursday
  • Second round robin (2x4 teams): Thursday and Friday (No quarter final this year)
  • Semifinals: Saturday
  • 3rd place game and Final: Sunday
  • The field side and the color of team marker for teams at a game are specified in the table.
  • We have to keep the Saturday and Sunday schedule flexible according to schedules of other leagues.
  • See the game schedule page (http://wiki.cc.gatech.edu/robocup/index.php/Middle_Size_League_Schedule) of the event, subsection middlesize for more details


Please find the current rules for midsize competitions at the following url: http://www.er.ams.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/robocup-mid/index.cgi?page=Rules+and+Regulations

Qualified Teams

# Team Type (s=single, m=mixed) URL Nationality Participation Power Requirement Questionnaire Technical Challenge
1 Adro (s) http://www.iranadro.com/ Iran No Yes ---
2 Aros (s) http://www.idt.mdh.se/~lad/aros/ Sweden Yes no 5
3 Brainstormers-Tribots (s) http://ls1-www.cs.uni-dortmund.de/~asg Germany Yes Yes 5
4 CAMBADA (s) http://www.ieeta.pt/atri/cambada Portugal Yes Yes 5
5 CoPS Stuttgart (s) http://www.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/ipvr/bv/projekte/cops/ Germany Yes Yes 5
6 EIGEN KEIO UNIV. (s) http://www.yoshida.sd.keio.ac.jp/~robocup/index.htm Japan Yes Yes 5
7 Hibikino-Musashi (m) http://robocup.is.env.kitakyu-u.ac.jp/ Japan / Japan Yes No 4
8 ISePorto (s) http://lsa.isep.ipp.pt/iseporto Portugal No Yes ---
9 ISocRob (s) http://socrob.isr.ist.utl.pt/ Portugal Yes Yes 4
10 JiaoLong (s) http://robocup.sjtu.edu.cn/robocup/ China No No ---
11 MINHO (s) http://www.robotica.dei.uminho.pt/robocup Portugal No Yes ---
12 Mostly Harmless/AllemaniACs (m) http://www.robocup.tugraz.at/ http://robocup.rwth-aachen.de/ Austria / Germany Yes Yes 5
13 MRL+Persian Gulf (m) http://www.qazviniau.ac.ir/MRL/MRLMID/middle_size.htm Iran / Iran No Yes/No ---
14 NuBot (s) http://www.nubot.com.cn/indexen.htm China YES Yes 5
15 Robofoot EPM (s) http://robofoot.polymtl.ca/ Canada No No ---
16 Satrap (s) http://www.satrapteam.ir/ Iran No No ---
17 The Orient / Osaka Trackies (m) http://robot.eng.toyo.ac.jp/robolab/robocup/Orient/ http://www.er.ams.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/robocup/trackies/ Japan / Japan Yes No/Yes 5
18 TechUnited (s) http://w3.wtb.tue.nl/en/organization/tech_united/ Netherlands Yes No 5
19 WinKIT (s) http://www2.kanazawa-it.ac.jp/robocup/ Japan No No ---

What to Expect in Atlanta

This section should include information about what the participants should expect at the event. In particular, items like what kind of machines will be availalbe, which OSs, power supply (voltage), monitors (if any), access points for trials on the flelds and outside (if any) etc.

League Requirements

This section should include a comprehensive list of items the OC expects RoboCup 2007 to provide. It is very important that this list be complete.

edit 02.03.07, dgs

  1. a very competent (expensive) person with wifi specific devices for checking wifi network in both the a and the b-g frequencies, capable to locate the source of interferring devices
  2. access point on the fields: the access point for 802.11a has to be a different one w.r.t the one dedicated to 802.11b-g; it is very important that the two access points are physically different and not the same doing the two jobs (a and b-g) as demonstrated by the problems in osaka2005
  3. specifications for the fields of play: File:Rc2007msl-20070302a.field.pdf File:MSL spielfeld.pdf
  4. specifications for the team paddoks: File:Rc2007msl-20070302a.paddocks.pdf
  5. specifications for the refereeing stuff: File:Rc2007msl-20070302a.referee.pdf

Agenda of the Org. Comm

  1. send email about invitation letters to qualified teams
  2. send email about software for simulated development
  3. verify with each team their requirements for power supply, in order to reduce the expenses
  4. receive the travel support requests

Travel Support

Dear Teams Qualified for Atlanta,

We can now announce that this year the local organizing committee is offering inexpensive housing (as low as $35 per person per night) in order to reduce cost of traveling to RoboCup2007 instead of travel support, which was the usual form of support in past years.

the whole event budget is about 800kus$, while Bremen was about 2Mus$ (source: local org. 2007), this year's event is basing mainly on the fees. for this reason registration fees are slightly higher than last year, but the net cost for a team is about the same or lower than last year.

Regards, the org. comm. for midsize league. domenico, yasutake and asad.

Venue Schedule

Venues for senior leagues will open to participants Sunday July 1 at 12 Noon. The venues will be open to participants each day from 7AM to 10PM. Everyone must leave at 10PM.

July 1 and July 2 are intended to be team "practice" days.

There will be a 1 hour Opening Ceremony in the CRC venue from 10AM - 11AM.

Preliminary/round robin games should start immediately after the Opening Ceremony.

Preliminaries will run from Tuesday at 11AM until Friday at 3PM.

Everyone must leave the soccer venues Friday at 4PM. At that time we will move the 4LL from the Fox to the CRC and reconfigure the CRC for the finals.

Finals will run Saturday 9AM - 6PM and Sunday 9AM - 4PM

Awards ceremony is Sunday at 5PM.


Field carpet

We are using a carpet product from Shaw called "Coral Beach" in the color "Clover". The color is definitely green, but not a bright green. I would compare it to a deep green grass. It is a very firm material about 5mm thick. In past US Opens folks had complained that the carpet we used was too "felty" and fell apart. This carpet is quite different and does not have that problem. More info is here:


Under the fields

Our venue floors are carpeted. On top of the carpet we place 1/4" (6.35 mm) masonite underlayment. This is a hard board similar in performance to plywood (but harder and slightly more flexible).

Field lines

All fields are marked with white cloth gaffer's tape. The white is very high contrast, and the tape sticks well to the carpet. Leagues will be provided extra tape to repair fields as necessary.

Goal colors

  • see additional note about goals in the "ad" section below.

We are using water based flat latex paint on wood. We are purchasing the paint at a home improvement store (e.g. Home Depot). We take them a "sample" and they match it using a color matching machine (the matches are not perfect, but pretty good).

The blue and yellow colors have already been selected (as we have to use this for 26 goals to be built). The colors are based on artist acrylic paints purchased at an art store:

yellow hue (which is pure yellow) cobalt blue (deep blue)

Other colors

In the US most used color standard is Pantone. If you use Photoshop, you can call up a Pantone pallet. If the leagues that require colors in addition to the goal colors could send us a Pantone reference number, we'll do our best to match it. Pantone does not reproduce florescent colors well, so if the intent is that the color is florescent, let us know.


The US is behind the rest of the world in terms of units of measurement :-) . We use inches, feet, etc. That means, for instance, that we can't buy 25mm thick wood for goals. It comes in 1 inch thicknesses (equal to 25.4mm). This applies to other things too, like tape and so on. Those with measuring tapes will probably find some measurements slightly off one way or another by 1/8 inch or so.


Both robot soccer venues have existing lighting. We will augment the venue lighting as necessary to provide the illumination levels requested by the leagues.

Both soccer venues also have windows, so the level of illumination will vary during the day. In the CRC we will mitigate this somewhat by covering the south facing windows with tarps. The tarps are blue and not fully opaque. The slight blue cast should be sufficiently offset by the artificial lighting and field lighting.

see: http://www.imtc.gatech.edu/MediaServices/qtvr/crc-track-big.mov for a view of the CRC and

see: http://www.foxtheatre.org/ballroom_main.htm for a view of the Fox.

Walls goals and ads

We are providing walls around the fields for those leagues that specifically requested them in their specifications. They will not be present for other leagues. The walls will be white.

Instead of ads/logos on walls around the fields, we will be placing ads on the walls of the venue. Our thought is that they will be more visible to cameras and so on if they are above the people.

There will be a black and white logo (ad) just above each goal sized in proportion to the width of the goal. The idea being that this ad will be visible whenever a goal is scored.

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