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For help, contact David howard or Scott Gilliland.

Events and Shop Hours

Currently, the lab has a Google Calendar set up, viewable here:

There are scheduled shop hours where someone knowledgeable on the machines has volunteered to be available. Information in each set of hours will tell you who is available, and how to contact them. (For example, Scott has shop hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the Google calendar event says to call Scott's phone for help during those hours.)


The lab is located just off of the elevator in the basement of the TSRB. Only the freight elevator (the one closest to the main stairs) goes all the way to the basement, and it's accessed with its own call button.


Some examples of the resources that we plan to have available in the lab are:

  • 3D Printer - prints 3D models in ABS plastic
  • Laser Cutter - cuts and etches paper, wood, and some plastics
  • Circuit Mill - mills copper-clad board into custom circuit boards
  • CNC Router
  • Assorted hand tools
  • Silk screening equipment
  • Vacuum Former - makes plastic shells of existing objects
  • 3D scanner - scans objects and creates 3D models
  • Sewing equipment
    • Standard sewing machine
    • Leather stitcher
    • Embroidery machine
  • Shop Equipment
    • Drill press
    • Table saw
    • Band saw
  • Electronics prototyping
    • Soldering equipment - useful for everything from repairs to new board assembly
    • Spare discrete components
    • Bench power supplies
    • Oscilloscope
    • Logic Analyzer
    • Spectrum analyzer
    • Arduino with breadboards

Training / Help / Lab Access

Access to the prototyping lab is granted after hearing a ≈45-minute orientation and safety talk. These are usually given with how-to sessions at the beginning of each semester, but can also be given by a lab assistant upon request. Just drop us an email and we'll find a good time.

For information about the upcoming orientation sessions and how-to sessions, take a look a the calendar listed above.

David and Scott are also around to give additional help with the specific tools - just find us or email us and ask.

Links to Useful Guides

Arduino tutorials

Some useful video tutorials about some basic electronics


Also, for internal use, here's the list of things to talk about when giving a lab orientation talk: