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Transient Social Networks (TSN) [1]


The convergence of technologies such as geo-sensing, social networking, participatory sensing and the rapid penetration of smartphones has created rich avenues for information sharing and activity coordination in transient mobile communities. Such communities involve two or more people, such as farmers and clients in a flea market, volunteers in a neighborhood emergency response team, patrons and vendors in a shopping mall,etc, who enrich their physical interactions with virtual activity and networking using their smartphones. Despite the considerable amount of prior art in system support for mobile applications, transient social networking requires a rethink of the system infrastructure in order to exploit contact and co-located opportunities, guarantee message delivery, optimize resource use and obey administrative boundaries. We are currently investigatng system approaches that exploits characteristics such as the decentralization, temporal and geographical sensitivity of TSN communities for realizing such applications.

The proposed work will consists of four major components:

  • Development of novel abstractions for dynamically creating and managing transient social networks based on criteria such as location, resource and sensing requirements; and adapting the social graph due to mobility, disconnections, dynamic join/leave by participants, and changes in power and resource availability.
  • Novel programing models and runtime systems, which are both resource-aware and context-aware.
  • Key insights into human mobility in transient social networks and using appropriate modeling to improve the construct of the social graph and message delivery.
  • Development and deployment of novel transient social network applications and conducting in vivo studies of the system support from the point of view of adaptability, scalability, and usability.


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