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Strategic Buffering for Enhanced Write Performance of Flash Based Storage

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We propose to add a strategic buffering layer to the OS storage software stack for NAND flash memory based Solid-State Drives (SSDs). By adding a small amount of RAM buffer between the OS buffer cache and SSD with our novel management scheme, we effectively enhance the capability of the SSD based storage systems for random write handling. We have implemented our solution, called FlashFire, in Windows XP, and have conducted extensive experimental studies using disk benchmark programs as well as real workloads to validate its performance potential. We verified that FlashFire is able to provide better performance tuned to the intrinsic characteristics of SSD storages. For example, we report anywhere from 6% to 109% enhancement to write performance for Postmark benchmark on a variety of SSD-based platforms. After we released FlashFire for public users ten months ago, it has been widely used to resolve the performance bottleneck of the SSD based storage systems in real world.