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The CellBuzz wiki captures documentation supporting the configuration and usage of the IBM QS20 dual-Cell blade cluster at Georgia Tech, and publications related to the Cell BE processor. If you would like to add material to this wiki, please contact Prof. David A. Bader for an account on this wiki.

Georgia Tech Cell/B.E. QS20 CellBuzz Cluster

  • Please acknowledge the use of the Georgia Tech CellBuzz Cell/B.E. BladeCenter Cluster in any research report, journal, or publication, that has benefited from access to these resources. The recognition of the Cell/B.E. resources is important for acquiring funding for the next generation of cyberinfrastructure. Our suggested acknowledgment is:
    • The authors acknowledge Georgia Institute of Technology, its Sony-Toshiba-IBM Center of Competence, and the National Science Foundation, for the use of Cell Broadband Engine resources that have contributed to this research.

Cell Broadband Engine Technical Notes

CellBuzz Photo with Prof. David A. Bader

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