Twitch Keyboard Typing Study

Sign up here for the Twitch typing study. Click “edit this page” at the top or bottom of the page, put your initials and session number into 10 available one-hour slots below, and click “save”. Only 1 person can sign up for any single time slot so if there is already a set of initials or “XXX” in a time slot, please find a different time. Please sign up for two consecutive time slots for your first session. The first session will take about two hours to complete. Also, aside from the first session, you need to have a minimum of two hours between sessions (so if you sign up for a session at 9, your next possible session would start at 12). If you are signing up for a session that starts within 24 hours, please contact the study administrator as on duty for that session.

Please show up on time for your time slot! The study is being run in the TSRB (click here for directions) in room 344 on the third floor. If you don't see anyone, ask someone nearby for James Clawson or one of the other study administrators.

There are two administrators running this study. To find the proper person to contact, either click the “Administrator Schedule” link at the top of the page or scroll to the bottom of this page. If you are unable to get in touch with the person administering the study during your time slot, please call James Clawson (404.408.0048).

Time W 7/20Th 7/21F 7/22M 7/25Tu 7/26W 7/27Th 7/28
10:00 AM XXX KAW12
11:00 AM NAO5 NAO8 XXX RPJ13
12:00 PM SLC6 XXX
1:00 PM XXXX KAW11
3:00 PM
4:00 PM SLC7 NAO6
5:00 PM ADP8 SLC10 NAO10 RPJ12 XXX

archived sessions

Administrator Schedule

Below is the schedule and contact information for the administrators.

8 Q Q Q J J Q Q Q Q J J Q Q J J
9 Q Q Q J J Q Q Q Q J J Q Q J J
10 Q Q Q J J Q Q Q Q J J Q Q J J
11 Q Q Q J J Q Q Q Q J J Q Q J J
12 Q Q Q J J Q Q Q Q Q J Q Q J J
1 Q Q J J J Q Q Q J Q J Q J J J
2 Q Q J J J Q Q Q J Q J Q J J J
3 Q Q J J J Q Q Q J Q J Q J J J
4 Q Q J J J Q Q Q J Q J Q J J J
5 Q Q J J J Q Q Q J Q J Q J J J
6 Q Q J J J Q Q Q J Q J Q J J J

Administrators Schedule

  • J=James (404.408.0048)
  • Q=Quigley (713.628.6111)

archived administrative schedule

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