Vision We are interested in investigating different methods of supporting/augmenting face to face conversations through the use of mobile technologies including mobile phones, digital cameras, ipods/portable mp3 players, pda's, and wearable computers. Increasingly, mobile media is finding its way into casual daily conversations whether it's telling stories about pictures stored on camera phones or letting a friend listen to your iPod and then discussing the music. We are working to understand the role of mobile media in current conversational practices and are interested in augmenting individuals abilities to share and enjoy content while on the go.

Previous Work We have previously examinied ways of augmenting face to face conversations using technology. For more information on this work check out the Dual Purpose Speach project as well as the motivation behind our work on mobile text entry.

Current Work Currently we are building a series of mobile applications that make it easy for people to capture, edit, and share pictures on bluetooth enabled mobile phones. This is a starting point for this project. We are looking to expand beyond mobile photo tools so if this works sounds interesting feel free to contact us.

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