There are lots of opportunities to work with us on various projects. Contact Seungyon Lee (sylee at with your resume including skills, area of interest, and background.

General CCG Lab

  • Undergraduates interested in general assistance around the lab. We have opportunities for hardware and software skills, and a variety of interesting projects.
  • Telegotchi: Telegotchi is an electronic pet based game for your mobile device. However, unlike tradition e-pet games, the emotional state of your pet is linked to the physiological state of other players. Skills: Java (Students: Undergraduates) Contact Tracy
  • Georgia Tech Gesture Toolkit Needed coders and beta testers. Skills: Java (Students: Undergraduates) Contact Helene

ASL Recognition and Games

  • Intelligent Tutoring System (ILS) : We are working on interactive ASL based educational games for children. One important aspect of this project is building an interactive learning system that adapts curriculum based on children's performance. This project will involved development of components for our ILS architecture. This is a chance to flex your programming skills, use some practical AI, and get involved in a very cool research project. Skills needed are Java and SQL. (Students: Masters, Phd) Contact Helene
  • Curriculum development: We are working on expanding our game material to include a wider variety of skill levels. This will entail working with our Research Scientist to group skill sets by level, create game interactions for each skill level, generate the game code and graphics, and evaluate the curriculum. (Students: Masters, Phd) Contact Helene
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