Mobile Action Gesture Interface Control (MAGIC)

The idea behind MAGIC is to use the gesture sensor to record a database of readings while a person is going about their everyday life. Then, when the person wants to put a gesture into the system, the database is searched to see how often that gesture would be recognized accidentally. If it's too often, or greater than certain threshold level, the user is asked to perform a different gesture as an alternative. This system would enable users to explore and find less frequent gestures that can be used as commands to the gesture system.

SVN Instructions

1. Testing client access

Log in to one of the svn users and try:

      svn list

you should be prompted for a user id and password (and if that's successful). This test ensures that the SVN server is working.

2. Check out a project

     svn checkout magic

Note that “magic” is a destination directory on your local machine.

3. Commit and update new files

First, you need to check the status of your files

    >svn status
    ?      src/class.cpp
    M      src/main.cpp
    M      src/Makefile
    ?      bin/main

The '?' stands for unknown files and 'M' stands for modified files. You first need to add the unknown files to the svn.

    >svn add src/class.cpp bin/main

Update new files

    >svn up

Finally, commit to the server

    >svn commit -m 'First commit test'

Further usages can be found following link:


gnuplot ( Calculated DTW distance is plotted using gnuplot.
X11 environment: gnuplot runs on X11
g++ compiler (tested on 4.0.1)
Java 1.5 or higher



C source code that reads and interprets data from sensor.

  • magic_interface.jar

Java source code for user interface.


  • Compile

(This only compiles the core code)

make filereader

filereader reads binary ETRI type data

make receiver

receiver reads ETRI watch sensor and outputs values to the stdout

  • Command Line Usage
usage: magic [-b] [-t threshold] [-o outfile] tmp_file egl_file 
b : use Byte data otherwise reads text template file.
t : threshold level (integer) 
o : output file name. write output to a file and run gnuplot 
tmp_file : Template file path 
egl_file : EGL file path 
  • Java interface usage

Main class : edu.gatech.magic.Magic.class
Need to copy magic and receiver binary files.

To run (unix): java -classpath ./jfreechart-1.0.9.jar:./jcommon-1.0.12.jar:. edu.gatech.magic.Magic



  1. Check serial port # in the source code (line 127)
  2. Pair the bluetooth with computer (no password required)
  3. Run
  4. Put user name and session (required but unnecessary)
  5. Pair with bluetooth and will pup up first graph (close it)
  6. Whenever you make a noise it will pop up another graph

(switch is inside of the board: when it's not connecting both led lights will flash)

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