Fall 2010

This is where you sign up for groups. There is an example table below for declaring a group. If you find that a group is already doing something similar to you and your group, please feel free to talk amongst yourselves to find a middle ground.

By default, you should organize a team of 4-5 students. Any deviation in that number for a project team needs to be cleared by the instructors.

If you don't feel like you are getting traction with others on your project please look at those groups that already have 2 people and make yourself available. A fundamental lesson for this class is to learn to be comfortable with the unknown.

Please add a table similar to this one to the relevant section of this page (Click “Edit this page” at bottom left)

Project Title Do/Make something awesome.
Project Description Really super awesome things
Gregory Abowd Background/Role in project
Clint Zeagler Background/Role in project
Tae-Jung Yun Background/Role in project
What we need A cool ID? someone with design skill? hard-code programmer

Project Title Android application for city night life
Project Description An application for the android platform that will assist users in finding things to do around town. The application will be based around user uploaded data that is then accessed by other users, defining various spots around town as “hot” or “not”. The idea is to create a network of locations where people are or are not having a good time and display a list/map of these locations to the user. After visiting a location, a user can then rate the location as good or bad and, if they wish, leave a comment about it.
Corey Campbell Computer science undergraduate. Programmer and UI Designer.
Anthony Floccari Computer science undergraduate. Programmer and Web back end designer
Trevor Radcliffe Computer science undergraduate. Programmer and UI Designer
Viraj Sapre CS HCI Masters program. Programmer and UI Designer
Vidhur Vohra Computer science undergraduate. Programmer and UI Designer
What we need We have a complete team.
Contact Trevor Radcliffe-trevor.radcliffe@gmail.com


Project Title Purposeful Painting Game
Project Description The goal of this project is to design & prototype a digital painting game, using computer vision to track the players' body movements and translate them into virtual brush strokes. Explicitly, this game is about teaching art techniques, such as composition. Implicitly, however, it is about encouraging social interaction amongst children. The virtual, pervasive nature of the game lends itself to a number of potential play modalities, enhancing the gaming experience. This project is open to exploring the multitude of ways in which such a system and game can be implemented.
Gregory Garrett BSCS & MS HCI / Project lead, user experience analyst, coder
Boris de Souza 1st year MSCS(HCI). Experience in Web Development, Rapid Prototyping, UX/UI design and Computer Networks. More at www.bdesouza.com
Michelle Spinnato Industrial Design Grad.
Kai Tan BS CM
Abram Wallace BS CM
Abhishek Srivastava MS CS
What we need Coders with experience in computer vision, people with an HCI background to help with design and user analysis; CITI training required (although you can do that after joining the team)
Contact Gregory Garrett - gcgarrett@gatech.edu

Project Title Removing Obstacles to Questioning for Middle School Art Students (ROQMSAS) (“Rock 'em Sauce”)
Project Description When students are working individually or in groups, such as in lab or art class settings, there are often obstacles to them getting the teacher’s attention (ex. social stigma, busy teacher). Teachers also face obstacles when trying to attend to students’ needs in the classroom. We propose a wearable or tangible system to allow students to easily and semi-privately alert the teacher that they need the teacher’s attention, and supplement hand-raising as a practice for getting the teacher’s attention to meet individual students’ needs. Our initial plan is to focus on the needs of middle school students.
Anna Mansour MS HCI, Design, some electronics and programming / User Experience, Design, Evaluation, Programming
Victor Ondego MS HCI, Design, Evaluation / User Experience, Design, Evaluation
Cory Simon MS HCI, Computer Engineering, some electronics & programming/ User Experience, Design, Evaluation, Programming
Julie Turner Industrial Design
Brian Lawrence Computer Science
Jian He Visiting Scholar with Dr. Abowd
Contact Anna Mansour - amansour@gatech.edu

Project Title Interactive Educational Dolphin for the Visually Impaired
Project Description The Georgia Aquarium is opening its new Dolphin exhibition this year and it is doing a Dolphin on Parade (http://www.georgiaaquarium.org/dolphinparade.aspx) event where they provide dolphin sculptures for artists to express what their vision of a dolphin would be. The Sonification Lab is getting one of these fiber glass dolphins (about 5 feet tall) and is looking for students to design an interactive and educational dolphin sculpture for the visually impaired. This should be a fun project that explores informal learning environments.
Ruby Zheng BSCS & MS HCI / Project lead, user experience analyst, coder
Sisi Sun 1st year Music Technology. Sound Recording, Acoustics, Music Signal Processing
Peter Mason Bretan MSMT. Audio DSP, Acoustical Engineering, computer programming
Jorge Palacio 2nd year MID
What we need People who are familiar with tactile and audio technology and/or like to explore designing technology for the visually impaired. Also CS/EE folks who is interested in programming for micro-controllers. And HCI folks for conducting user studies
Contact Ruby Zheng - rubyz@gatech.edu

Project Title Tangible Bulletin Board
Project Description Networked electronic displays that are tangible bulletin boards. Post a physical flyer in one location and it's visible on all the connected boards. If possible even add support for those little tear-off strips at the bottom. Also post from your phone or desktop.
Jayraj Jog BE Information Technology, MS Digital Media/Project Lead, Design and Coding
Sivasailam “Shiva” Muthiah HCI Masters, UX Design and Coding
Alex Fischl Industrial Design Undergrade, Product Design and Development
What we need 1 CS student to help out with networking and mobile interatction. Interaction designers. Someone with experience in mobile and network development
Contact jayraj dot jog at gatech


Project Title iPad based Therapy Stencil
Project Description iPad based adaptive keyboard which can be used as communicating device for non verbal children. The important design issues covered are that this keyboard which is built over an iPad should be haptic. We will also study other applications and usability of such an keyboard
Nachiketas Ramanujam MS HCI
Yiran Li MS Industrial Design
Ramakrishnan MS CS
Abhishek Jain Undergrad CS
What we need an Ipad maybe!
Contact nketas at gatech dot edu
Project Title ASL Glove
Project Description Our project will begin with designing a glove that incorporates multiple sensors including bend and touch sensors and an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. The glove will be used to recognize general hand positions and shapes. Later on, we will use this glove to recognize the American Sign Language alphabet or promote haptic rehabilitation in paraplegics.
R Ajay Kavanur Computer Science Masters Progrm . Programming
Rohit Nair ECE Masters Program . Hardware & Programming
John Turgeson Computer Science Masters Program. Programmer
Chris Stewart 1st year MS-CS. Programmer
Jeff White Industrial Design 4th year undergraduate.
Heather Eierman Industrial Design 4th year undergraduate.
What we need We have a complete team.
Contact john dot turgeson at gatech dot edu
Project Title Aware Home - Game Playing using the RFID carpet tags
Project Description The Aware Home's living room carpet is outfitted with RFID tags. We would like to make use of these tags to locate a person within that space. This could be used to build some kind of game environment wherein a child or person could move an object (with an RFID reader built-in) on the carpet and have that movement or location register within a game environment; kind of like a virtual gameboard or a grid with some physical/tangible aspect. The game might be used to teach children something or could be purely for entertainment - we aren't decided on this yet. This may even be used in conjunction with some sort of augmented reality display to show some game data - imagine an iPad helping you discover some virtual objects as you stand over a certain location in the room. Prof. Abowd thinks he can get us in touch with the company that builds the RFID reader enabled buckets he talked about in class.
Neha Gautam CS Masters / CS, Java, Mobile development (Android)
Tarun Yadav CS Masters / CS, Java, Mobile development (Android, BlackBerry)
James Slack ID Undergrad, Physical Prototyping, Form Modeling, Rendering (marker & pencil)
What we need An Industrial designer, someone with electronics experience, HCI experience would be good to have
Contact Neha Gautam - nehagautam@gatech.edu or Tarun Yadav - yadavtarun@gatech.edu
Project Title Diver-portable Dolphin Communicator
Project Description Thad Starner wants a device for use in his dolphin language-comprehension work. The device should record high frequency noise underwater in real time, and potentially to transmit prerecorded messages as well. The device must be its own system, with power supply, processor and the necessary inputs and outputs. The device needs to be portable and usable by a SCUBA diver, and should function up to depths of 200 feet. Special consideration will need to be taken in the system container, as water is the ultimate hostile environment for electronics. User-friendly design will also be important, as it is difficult for divers to make precise motions as wet and dry suits greatly reduce dexterity.
Scott Oliveira CS Undergrad : Electronics and Programming, Robotics
Stewart Butler CS Undergrad
James McCarty CS Undergrad : Electronics and Programming
Ryan Hanser ID Grad 3rd yr
Richard Hinton ID
What we need We believe we have a full team lined up already
Contact Scott Oliveira at scott@quantized.net
Project Title iPhone GT path app
Project Description Currently, students, especially new students, have to check their schedule(in Oscar if they don't have a hardcopy) to get their classroom location, then go to Google maps or the schools interactive map to find the location. Then the students will have to find the fastest route to that location. Our solution integrates all of these steps into one easy to use application.
Paul Beresuita CS Undergraduate : iPhone Programming
Chayong Lee CS Undergraduate : iPhone Programming
Jinghui Wang CS Undergraduate : iPhone Programming
What we need An Industrial Designer
Contact Paul Beresuita fifapaul@gatech.edu

Project Title Drug interaction and Patient education system
Project Description Medilyzer inc, has developed some very interesting drug education and interaction systems for consumers. Softwares run in iPhone, android and in a touchpanel embedded unit inside the pharmacy. Even though, pharmacist, doctors and consumers consider medilyzer a great product, in actual pharmacy setting, a consumer dot not use this system. Many other great in-store information based products has failed because of the same reason. We will work with medilyzer and analyze the possible placement of the system, design of the user interface and overall presentation of the unit in real a real production setting. Our goal is to connect consumer to an in-store medilyzer unit naturally. Please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUkDEK5AsoM to know more about the medilyzer system. Genuine possibility to get 1-2 publications and some media coverage from this project.
A Mizan Rahman MS - Computational Science & Engineering . System architect, programmer and pharmacy domain expert
Jill Donnelly MS - HCI. Analyst and Flash Designer
In-O Hwang MID Industrial Designer
What we need We need some one more HCI people. Medilyzer is a commercial product. Therefore, team members must think of within the parameters of the intended medilyzer clients such as Walgreen, CVS and Walmart
Contact A Mizan Rahman - mizan@m2sys.com
Project Title SmartBells (Adding Computation to Freeweights and Dumbebells)
Project Description How can you automate and record the exercise activities of individuals using free weights or dumbbells? This project seeks to answer that question by adding senors to free weights. Our goal is to accomplish the following tasks: Determine the amount of weight being lifted, Track the number of repetitions completed, Determine the type of exercise performed.
Marc Lawson 3rd Year HCI Masters
John Dugan 4th Year CS Undergrad
Blake Williford 4th Year ID Undergrad
Josh Pelkey PhD ECE – Programming, Networking, Basic Electronics
Edison Thomaz PhD HCC
What we need Programmer or Electronic Engineer
Contact Marc Lawson - marc.lawson@gatech.edu
Project Title Conductive Thread on Spacesuits
Project Description Designing uses for conductive thread to assist astronauts on space walks. This could include buttons for communication, location awareness in relation to tools/the ship, etc.
Jim Schuster Industrial Design
Zach Rubin Industrial Design
Gaurav Mathur Computer Science
Mudit Manu Paliwal Computer Science
Chris Ehsaei Elec Engineering
What we need We are a complete group.
Contact Jim Schuster - jschuster@gatech.edu


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