We plan of offering seminars on the following topics. If you are interested in coming to one (or more) of these, but cannot make the times listed, try to email Thad or one of the TA's to try to schedule a time, or come by one of our office hours.

With the exception of the woodworking session, these will be held in TSRB 243. That's Thad's lab, in then Tech Square Research Building. It's the building above Moe's on Fifth street. The entrance in set back from the street, so you have to go down the sidewalk past Moe's to get in. Also, you either need to show a buzzcard or sign in as a visitor.

Soldering and Basic Electrical Prototyping

Thad Starner taught a session on basic circuit design, electronics, and soldering. No further sessions are planned, however the TA's are willing to help out anyone who wants to learn more.

Microcontroller Programming

Scott Gilliland will be teaching another seminar on the use of Atmel microcontrollers and Arduino prototyping boards. It will be handy to have already seen Thad's earlier session on soldering and basic electronics or to already have some electronics knowledge. The next session will start at 6:30 PM on Tuesday , September 23rd.

3D-Printer, Laser Cutter, and Vacuum Form Machine

Scott Gilliland will be giving another introduction to the 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, and Vacuum Form machine on Monday, September 22nd starting at 6:00 PM. These machines are handy tools for making just about any plastic parts you may need.

Sewing and Conductive Textiles

Clint Zeagler will most likely be teaching a sewing session Thursday, September 18th at 6:00PM, however, this may change if he is unavailable. It will be held in ARCH 104.

Wood Working Session (architecture building)

These times are already set, so there's no need to say when you are free. Clint Zeigler is organizing these, and more info should be added soon.

Monday, Sept. 22nd, 9:00AM - 10:00AM

Monday, Sept. 22nd, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

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