What we are looking for in a Project Proposal.

  • Title
  • Description of previous research in the area
  • Description of what your group plans to do for the project (and why the work matters)
  • Group Members and their Roles
  • Resources you may need (in terms of hardware, software, etc)
  • Timeline
  • Grading Criteria - What are the goals or deliverables of this project that you think we should grade you by
  • References - this class is not about recreating existing work.
    • Use Google Scholar and Citeseer. They track academic papers and help you find references.

If you would like to see sample proposals from past classes, visit the project pages for Fall 2006, but keep in mind that the proposal requirements were slightly different back then.

Please submit your proposal, in pdf form, by emailing it to Jiasheng He (jiazhe@cc.gatech.edu). You have up until October 14th to get this in.

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