This is where you sign up for groups. There is an example table below for declaring a group. If you find that a group is already doing something similar to you and your group, please feel free to talk amongst yourselves to find a middle ground. Also please contact the Owner from the projects page to find out their expectations/concepts…if any.

If you don't feel like you are getting traction with others on your project please look at those groups that already have 2 people and make yourself available. A fundamental lesson for this class is to learn to be comfortable with the unknown.

Please add a table similar to this one to the relevant section of this page

Project Title Do/Make something awesome.
Project Description Really super awesome things
George Burdell Background/Role in project
George Burdell Background/Role in project
George Burdell Background/Role in project
What we need A cool ID? someone with design skill? hard-code programmer

Project 1 Groups

Wearable Energy Monitoring

Project Name Wearable Energy Monitoring System
Project Description We'd like to know weather or under which condition people could comply with the advice of technology by using the wearable energy monitoring system
Tae-Jung Yun Human Centered Computing Ph.D. Student. (Background: Embedded software engineer)
Jasjit Singh MS in Human Computer Interactions
Taeil Choi MS in Coumpter Science
What We need ID folks

We are looking for a ID student who are interested in sustainability applications. If you are, please email at We are a CS MS student, a HCI MS student, and a HCC Ph.D student.


Using Astrowheelie for power chairs

Project Name Astrowheelie for Power Chairs
Project Description This is an extension off of the Astrowheelie project that Thad described in class. Shepherd Center has requested an expansion of Astrowheelie for power wheelchairs. The goal would be to find a way to mount the existing game to power wheelchairs (I am in a wheelchair aka live test subject), and develop new games for power wheelchairs. This has possibility for publication.
Michael Boyce (MS, HCI) Strengths: Project Management, writing, presentation, UI Design Evaluation
Deepak Zambre (MS, CS) into coding
John Hickok (ID) Background/Role in project
Christina O'Neill (CS) Strengths: Coding and some low level hardware experience
What we need Looking for a person who can code and has optional hardware experinece
Project Title Wearable OLPC
Project Description The project will focus on making a discreet, inexpensive, and creative interface for wearable computer.
Martin Rojas HCI and some hardware/software skills.
Jonathan Sheppard ID Senior, previous exploration of touch-only interface,,
Ajai Karthikeyan CS 2nd year. Hardware/programming skills.
Patrick Crenshaw Graduated Physics major. Currently CS.
What we need An A in this Class.
Project Title Electronic Wallpaper
Project Description Create electronic wallpaper using thermochormatic ink and conductive thread/ink
Carol Bales (MS, HCI) Strengths: Interaction Design, Project Development, Art
Jon Drews (ECE 5th year) Strengths: Hardware, Systems Integration, Coding
Matthew Lee (MS, HCI) Strengths: Human Computer Interaction
Blake McCurdy (ID) Strengths: Industrial Design


Project Title WearUI
Project Description To develop a new User Interface using e-textiles for the wearer's cellphone. We plan on using related technology,like wrinkles on shirt, pressure sensors, EL wires to serve as a new UI to make and recieve calls.
Manish Bhardwaj MS,ECE
Mayank Garg MS, CS
Patricia Bell Industrial Design
Member 4 CS Student, C C++ ??

Need to brainstorm further on the idea.

Gloved Interface Use This is a project lead by James Clawson(jamer at cc dot gatech dot edu ) that involves evaluating the use of gloves with touch screen interfaces. In regions where gloves are needed during the winter seasons how difficult or easy is it to navigate on your device for example on your iphone.

Project Title Gloved Interface Use
Project Description Apply UCD principles to design, prototype, and evaluate mobile UIs for gloved use
Bola Osuntogun Grad Student - CS Software development skills
Member 2 Background/Role in project
Member 3 Background/Role in project
What we need ID student, HCI student

If interested please contact me at : Bola : bola at gatech dot edu

Mobile gestures for runners This is a project that stems from the research that was discussed by Seungyon in class. We are looking to use gestures within an athletic purpose (i.e. think Nike + on steroids). We may also more generally explore the range of gestures that can be used while running. We're considering a range of gestural technology including proximity sensors and a haptic gesture glove.

Project Title Use of mobile gesture within running
Project Description see above
Anya Kogan 2nd Year MS-HCI Student
Amy Chang 4th year Computational Media
Dan Kestranek 4th year CS undergrad
Jake Ritter 4th year CS undergrad

Super Remote: TV Remote using a wiimote

This project will use a wiimote as a sensor and an IR wand with 2 buttons as the TV remote. An open source media pc software package will be used as the software to control the TV, tentatively we will be using MythTV. The idea is to be able to drag through the tv guide like a google map, flick through it quickly, and pick exact shows. Also, while watching TV to be able to flick through channels and implement other cool ways of controlling the TV's ui. Basically we want to make this like a touch screen from a distance.

Project Title Super Remote: TV Remote using a wiimote
Project Description see above
Shantanu Talapatra 5th year EE Major, CS Minor
Alvaro Ramirez del Villar 6th year ME major, CS Minor
Yogesh Mundada Masters CS Student
What we need Hacking the MythTV UI

Shan has taken project oriented EE classes, so has some experience with device projects. Alvaro has plenty of experience with CAD and design. Both of us are solid coders, but would like more CS majors in this project since the bulk of it will be software. Please contact us if interested.

Mobile Interface via Wiimote to Fingertrack

Start with the work done by Johnny Lee ( Extend the finger tracking to creating iTouch-like interfaces for various mobile devices.

Project Title Wiimote for mobile interface
Project Description see above
Liam Mac Dermed CS PhD Student
Alexander Turyev Senior CS Undergrad
Karthik Halukurike CS Master Student
Charita Williams HCI Master Student
What we need Anyone with interest

If interested please contact: liam@cc

Project Title Backchannels
Project Description Using iPhones to chat discretely with those in your proximity.
Shaun Duncan 6th year CS undergrad.
Chris Howse 2nd year HCI grad.
Daniel Komáromy 1st year CS grad.
Robert Parker 4th year CS undergrad.
Project Title EfficiDrive
Project Description An in-car hardware device with accompanying software that tracks fuel consumption for trips. The software will provide efficiency data for routes in a GUI, allowing the user to customize their trip to minimize fuel consumption. It may also provide feedback in the form of driving tips to increase efficiency-oriented driving skills. The software will be designed as a game that challenges the driver to become more miserly with their energy use. The ability to share route data and 'compete' with other users is also a goal of the project.
John Crawford BS in Computer Science - Junior
Hyun-Soo Yi BS in Computer Science - Senior
Ben Smith BS in Computer Science - Graduating Senior
What We Need Energy Drink Sponsor

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