HCI Reading Seminar

This is the wiki page for the HCI reading seminar.

The seminar is held Monday 11-Noon in TSRB 223.

When selecting a paper, please post it and send an announcement to the hci mailing list [hci @ cc.gatech.edu] by Wednesday of the preceding week.

Paper sources

Schedule Spring 07

Date Discussion Leaders Paper Citation
1/8/07 Kent Lyons None N/A
1/15/07 No class, MLK
1/22/07 Nils Beck, Deidrick Capers Aoki and Woodroff Making Space for Stories: Ambiguity in the Design of Personal Communication Systems. Paul M. Aoki, PARC (USA), Allison Woodruff, Intel Research (USA)
1/29/07 Jam Richardson, Lana Yarosh p541-dourish.pdf Dourish, P. 2006. Implications for design
2/05/07 Youn-ah Kang, Zhicheng Liu p407-ducheneaut.pdf “Alone together?”: exploring the social dynamics of massively multiplayer online games
2/12/07 Lana Yarosh, Zhicheng Liup207-greenberg.pdfReal-Time Groupware as a Distributed System: Concurrency Control and its Effect on the Interface (CSCW '94)
2/19/07 No Class
2/26/07 Talk by Brian Bailley from University of Illinois breakpoints.pdfIqbal, S.T. and B.P. Bailey. Understanding and Developing Models for Detecting and Differentiating Breakpoints during Interactive Tasks. CHI 2007
3/5/07 Dom Larkin, Shiva Jainnip1164-grudin.pdfGrudin, J. (1989). The case against user interface consistency. Comm. ACM, 32 (10), 1164-1173.
3/12/07 Albert Sacks, Chris Alvarezp70-gentner.pdfGentner, D. and J. Nielsen (1996). The Anti-Mac Interface. Communications of the ACM 38(8): 70-82
3/19/07 No class, Spring Break
3/26/07 Talk by Joshua Fried from NYU N/A Talk in Klaus 1116 West
4/2/07 Deidrick Capers, Nils Beck p3-apitz.pdf G. Apitz and F. Guimbretière. CrossY: a crossing-based drawing application. UIST 2004
4/9/07 p53-lehikoinen.pdf
4/16/07 Dom Larkin, Chris AlvarezFisheyeCHI86.pdfG. Furnas, “Generalized Fisheye Views: Visualizing Complex Information Spaces”, SIGCI '96, pp. 16-23.
4/28/07 No class. Finals. CHI
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